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A proven “High Touch” solution from CircleLink Health

The Challenge

Meeting Medicare Chronic Care Management requirements is very difficult:

  • You need a patient centered Care Plan with 24/7 care team support
  • You need to deliver 20 minutes every month of non-face-to-face care per patient

The Solution

CircleLink’s Turn Key/High Touch solution exceeds Medicare requirements:

  • High Touch service focuses on patient retention & outcomes
  • Direct patient interaction via phone – no impersonal emails, texts or surveys
  • Automated time tracking to meet monthly time requirement for reimbursement
  • Our proven high adoption and retention rates lead to higher reimbursements
  • Full documentation meets all Medicare reporting and compliance requirements

The Benefits $150,000/Year

The potential annual revenue increase is $150,000/Year for the average U.S. primary care physician using CircleLink’s turn key solution:

  • Easy Bi-Directional EHR integration – minimizes IT requirements
  • Automated generation of personalized Care Plans
  • Automation of the 20 minute time requirement leads to higher reimbursements
  • Care Teams proactively monitor Care Plan progress – collects & assesses biometric data
  • Medication management – reconciliation and adherence
  • Identifying opportunities for early interventions – avoid catastrophic situations

About CircleLink Health

We were established six years ago to deliver care management programs to improve outcomes and drive patient engagement. Our clients include:


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