WellTrackONE What WellTrack One Does

What WellTrackONE Does

We help physicians and physician organizations predict risk by helping physicians complete the Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) for their Medicare patients. The risk predictions we generate will help physician organizations reduce their expense considerably.

WellTrackONE is a complete program of scheduling, staffing and documentation powered by a proprietary evidence-based risk stratification engine.

WellTrackONE enables you to perform Annual Wellness Visits for your Medicare patients with no change in physician workflow and no administrative burden for your practice. The WellTrackONE program provides valuable data for outcomes and clinical measurements while at the same time generating significant revenue for your organization.

If you’re an Accountable Care Organization…
WellTrackONE generates additional revenue for you and your physicians from your existing patient base while significantly decreasing the backend expense of hospital care, SNF, ancillary services and costly add-ons. WellTrackONE captures critical clinical information for your Medicare patients and gives you valuable data each year. And WellTrackONE helps you comply with CMS’s 33 required measures. We also cause your Medicare Attribution to increase resulting in a proportionate increase in shared savings.

If you’re a Hospital System…
You’ll benefit from increased revenues from ancillary testing and referrals as a result of WellTrackONE Annual Wellness Visits. You’ll also receive valuable data that will help with your Clinical Indicator measurements. We also help reduce re-admissions by having physicians in your hospital manage risk factors more efficiently.

If you’re a Medicare Advantage Plan…
WellTrackONE can help you increase your HCC Risk Adjustment Factor scores (RAF Scores) significantly using prospective healthcare techniques rather than retrospective techniques.

If you’re a Medical Practice…
WellTrackONE significantly increases your revenue while you take better care of your patients. Your nurse (or ours) will perform the WellTrackONE visits under your supervision and you’ll continue the patient care based upon our Medicare-approved reports. You’ll have solid documentation for each wellness visit that will comply with Medicare requirements.

Call Center Services

With our full-service program, our Medical Assistant Coordinators located in our Call Center will schedule your eligible Medicare patients into time slots allotted to us by your practice.

Annual Wellness Visit Software

When the patient arrives at the practice, the nurse or CMA will start the visit using our proprietary tablet software. This software runs on any browser/tablet/operating system….there is no need to purchase additional hardware.

Clinical Triggers

Clinical Triggers are point-of-care assessments of all the data that has been collected from the patient during the wellness visit. Our system produces “medically necessary” treatment options that can be billed to Medicare.

Reportal Software

Our Reportal Software provides your Healthcare Organization with trend reports, risk stratification analysis (with patient drill-down) and population management data.

CCD Extraction

Our CCD Extraction module allows complete integration with your EHR or HIE using industry-standard Continuity of Care Documentation formats.

Medical Staffing Placement Program

If your practice is interested in offering the Annual Wellness Visit to your Medicare patients but you do not have the staff resources to do so, WellTrackONE can help. We will place a qualified Medical Professional in to your practice to perform the Annual Wellness Visit. Currently WellTrackONE works with staffing agencies around the country who are fully trained on how to perform the Annual Wellness Visit and use the WellTrackONE software.


  • WellTrackONE will provide a Medical Professional to perform the AWV at your practice
  • We will introduce the Medical Professional to your physician(s) and office staff and perform an initial office review so they are familiar with your practice before the first AWV is performed
  • WellTrackONE will train the Medical Professional on how to perform the AWV in accordance with Medicare standards
  • WellTrackONE will train the Medical Professional on how our software works
  • If your practice has 500 or more qualified Medicare patients, we will provide a tablet as well
  • WellTrackONE will assign an Account Manager to work with your practice to ensure you are satisfied with the placement of your Medical Professional and makes adjustments ,as needed
  • WellTrackONE will handle all payments to the staffing agency for the placement of the Medical Professional


The costs of placing a Medical Professional in your office to perform the Annual Wellness Visit varies based upon your location but the following at average rates:

$30 per AWV $25 per AWV $15 per AWV
Note: The fees above are in addition to the software & services fees and will be clearly listed in our Agreement. Rates vary per region and an actual rate will be submitted to you along with your Agreement.
  • Revenue for PCP physicians offsets great savings from prevention of chronic illness and catastrophic injury
  • Aggregates data for all members
  • Predicts risk for members so care coordination team may intervene prospectively
  • Increases attribution causing enrollment to increase
  • Provides 29 of 33 measure for ACO measurement compliance
  • Provides data repository for IPA management across all practices for trends, risk stratification
  • Full service solution – no change in workflow for physicians, no interruption to staff
  • Brings needed revenue to physicians
  • Aggregates data for IPA
  • Helps achieve clinical integration
  • Provides data repository for IPA management across all practices for trends, risk stratification
  • Gives IPA Risk Adjustment codes for physicians to use for diagnostic workups
  • Creates a strong sense of unity for physicians within the IPA – program loyalty fostered
  • Full service solution – no change in workflow for physicians, no interruption to staff
  • Brings strong benefits to affiliated physician practices, bonds physicians to the hospital or PHO
  • Significantly increases ancillary service levels for hospital (lab, imaging)
  • Increases referrals to hospital specialists
  • Helps decrease re-admissions of chronic illnesses by having PCPs manage chronic cases
  • Full service solution – no change in workflow for physicians, no interruption to staff